I took a giant leap and decided to start a website for my very eclectic jewelry design business. Along with that, I am pulling back the curtain, so to speak, to bring you into my workshop. Welcome!

Let’s start off with a little bit about me. I was born in New Jersey and when my dad retired from the IRS, my parents decided they wanted to move somewhere warmer. At six years old, my parents packed up our house and we headed out cross country. It took me a little bit to get used to the wide open spaces (and cactus!) of New Mexico, but I did eventually warm up to it. I fell in love with the beautiful watermelon mountains and I have always had a love for the beach, but also for the woods; it’s a refection of the places I have lived.

My parents were older than most of the parents of my friends, so while my friends and I listened to classic rock, my parents and I would listen to Mozart. This juxtaposition of influences gave me a broad love of many different things.

I would have to say my grandmother was my biggest fashion icon. I loved everything about her from her scarlet red nails, to her rhinestone cat eye glasses and hundreds of shoes. She lives in all of my jewelry pieces with a vintage design.

Along with music and fashion, I also fell in love with books and words. I am probably one of the very few children who read the dictionary for fun. ( I really did!)

Then, I became a mom to the best three kids on the planet, life took over, and creativity took a backseat. After my mom passed away I was going through all her things and remembered how much I loved her vintage jewelry and decided it was time to find my way back to the things I loved as a little girl.

Books, fashion, music, my three loves all brought to life out of my imagination. I hope that you will go to my website and take a stroll through the forest of my dreams.


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  1. Awesome blog Dory. When I have time (sigh), I’ll definitely be checking out your website.

  2. I love you and that your sharing your talents & thoughts! I look forward to seeing you continue to thrive & create!💜

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