Welcome to December’s third Spotlight Corner sharing some of my favorite pieces and the stories behind them.

Today I am shining the spotlight on the centerpiece of my Vintage Vixen Collection, and the piece that the entire collection stems from, the Lady in Blue Cameo Earrings.

As I mention in the listing for this piece, cameos have always fascinated me, with their silhouette of a mysterious beautiful lady. I grew up in a house full of antiques and my mom had several genuine abalone carved cameos. I was never allowed to wear them as a child, but my mom would always let me let me hold one when she was getting dressed. I would run my fingers over the smooth surface and wonder who the mysterious lady was. My mom probably would have let me wear a cameo as I became an adult, but by then it was the ’90s and cameos were no longer fashionable. When I studied Greek and Roman mythology, I got a wild notion that the lady on the cameos was Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, making them even more special to me.

Time moved on, as it does, and in 2005 my mom passed away. Suddenly all those beautiful cameos became mine, and I was honestly terrified to wear them anywhere. This was also the same year I started learning how to make jewelry and ideas began forming at the back of my mind like, “Why can’t vintage jewelry be given new life and brought back as chic new pieces?”

I did a lot of research and studying about the history of jewelry as well as learning how to actually create jewelry pieces. It was very interesting to me learning about how jewelry has changed over the decades and sometimes played an important part of history. This is really when my initial idea of modernizing classic jewelry began to grow.

I was always on the lookout for a faux cameo that I could put next to my mom’s and say it was quite close to perfect. I attempted to make my own faux cameos with paint and resin, and all I will say is that they were pretty terrible. One day, I stumbled across three beautiful colors of cameos, black and white, a creamy peach, and the blue and white. I knew at once my search was over, and I could begin the real work!

Just like that the Ladies in Blue were born and I began my quest to make vintage chic once again, making more cameo pieces and growing my collection. As it stand now, there are 24 pieces in the collection with more waiting to be uploaded, and even more waiting in my design book to be created. Vintage Vixen will always be at the heart of Doriest Designs as I am a vintage girl living in the wrong time.

I hope you will wander through the collection and enjoy my pieces of the past getting a new life!

Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt

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