Welcome to December’s fourth and final Spotlight Corner sharing some of my favorite pieces and the stories behind them.

Today I am shining the spotlight on something a bit different, Veronica’s Pearl Choker Season Two.

I couldn’t really tell you when it happened but at some point in time on my jewelry design journey I started to get really distracted by jewelry in movies and tv shows. I would pause the tv or movie and really examine the piece. One day, I was talking to my daughters about this and they said next time I saw something I like I should try to create it.

I watch a tv show called Riverdale with my daughters The fashion and set design is really fantastic for someone like me because they blend together many different decades with modern ideas quite seamlessly. I have myself often drawn in by an outfit or jewelry.

As you all probably know by now, I am obsessed with pearls. One of the characters on the show, Veronica Lodge, has excellent taste in fashion and jewelry. Her signature piece is a gorgeous pearl choker, of which she wears two different versions. I snapped a picture of them and decided to give her chokers a try. I ended up making them both without too much difficulty and really enjoyed the challenge.

It was so much fun that I really wanted to try my hand at making more pieces and I feel like it has been pretty successful so far. My daughters have even gotten in on it, sending me pictures of pieces to try. Who knows what I will make next!

You can see more of my creations in the Character Pieces Collection, an eclectic mix of whatever has jumped out at me to be created.

I hope you have enjoyed the month of taking a peek at my jewelry pieces and where they come from. I look forward to blogging more with you in a new and hopefully better year!

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