I thought I would take this opportunity to write the usual end of the year blog entry. This year has been quite unusual for us all. Never before in my life can I remember a time when everyone on the entire planet was “in the same boat”. For me personally, it has been a time of mixed emotions and trying to reconnect with parts of myself long forgotten.

I can remember vividly the only event I did in 2020, my beloved Albuquerque ComicCon. It was such a fun weekend, as always, and I finally felt like, after five years, I was the most confident in my art and talking with customers. Then, it was March and everyday I watched as events began to cancel and the world unraveled. I’m not going to lie, it was difficult watching all my favorite events cancel one by one. I had to sit and have a long conversation with myself about how I was going to move forward.

For me, if COVID-19 hadn’t happened, this website wouldn’t exist. This is my COVID-19 silver lining, so to speak. Although I have always wanted to have a website, I couldn’t ever seem to make it work. I was always too busy and rushing from one event to another, carting the kids around town and rushing from meeting to meeting. Getting it up and running was no easy feat, but even that made me realize how disorganized my entire system has been from Day 1. With my most amazing partner, we got it done and like everything else online, the work will never be done. I am so proud of everything we have done, hiccups and all, and it has been a wonderful learning experience. (Thank you A! You are an unsung hero!)

Many, many heartfelt thanks to you who have supported me since 2015. I wouldn’t be here without your love and cheers. Also many thanks to those who have joined me along the way. I marvel everyday over the amazingly wonderful people I have met this year. Just the beautiful conversations have kept me going through the difficult times. I could not continue to do what I love without you all and love you dearly!

As you have probably come to realize, I am usually working on five or six ideas at once and all over the place. But, I am working to be more streamlined in my creation process. (The ongoing struggle!) I invite you all to continue on this journey with me into 2021 and beyond as I keep creating and growing!

Peace, love, and many blessings. See you all next year!

My New Year’s Resolution’s 2021 COVID-19 version;

  • Be more organized in my workspace and designing.
  • Make more pieces to flesh out my collections.
  • Continue to write!
  • Work more on social media.
  • Don’t forget to take time to enjoy the process!

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