Happy Day 3 of 2021! A brand new year is normally full of promise. The excitement of 12 months of possibility is exciting. Of course this new year is different for many of us bringing mixed emotions. I definitely have had a lot of ups, downs (and sometimes sideways). As you may know, my biggest problem has always been motivation. Sitting in front of the TV with chips all day is a lot easier than pushing myself to do something as simple as throwing the laundry into the dryer!

So how can we push past our mixed bag of 2021? For me, I’m going to be more positive, harnessing creativity as much as possible. This is my way of holding myself accountable, announcing to you all my new year’s intentions. Along those lines, I am giving you some sneek peaks into what I am working on now, on my bench.

Sneak Peek #1: The first concept collection I am working on is Distance Bracelets. The idea was born out of stories of loved ones separated because of COVID-19. As a result, I wondered what could we do to stay close to our far away loved ones. They will be two identical bracelets made from semi-precious stone. And will have aromatherapy lava rock that you can spray with your beloved’s favorite perfume or oils. It could be for your sister that lives far away, an elderly grandmother who has to be quarantined, or a long distance love who is in the military for example. Stay connected while we are apart. Launching all throughout 2021!

Distance Bracelet prototypes made from semi-precious purple
cat’s eye glass, lava rock and obsidian with Triquetra charms.

Sneak Peek #2: The next concept collection is Royally Inspired.
One piece has already launched and you can see it here or read about it in my Spotlight Corner #1
This collection grabs my love of the royals and channels it into pieces of jewelry. I have lots of pieces in the works including necklace sets, earrings, and bracelets to mention a few. Look for pieces from Royal genres, including the Stuarts. Pieces will be (hopefully!) rolling off my bench throughout January and February.

Queen Elizabeth Australia coin purple earrings

Sneak Peek #3: I have always loved summer and the beach since I was a little girl. For a couple of years, I have struggled with ideas for a summer collection. I made pieces, hated them, took them apart, and then hated them more. (Ah the struggle!) As a result of quarantine, the idea resurfaced and I am looking to recreate/re-release the collection with better pieces. For those that can’t travel, this can be a little bit of wearable summer. Launching in time for Spring, mid- March.

White glass seedbeads and pearls summer series ankle bracelet

Finally, I would like to wish us all a better 2021 and I look forward to taking this journey with you too!

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