The Disappearing Jewelry Designer

Well hello! Yes, it’s me. I know, I have been gone for a while, at least from blogging. Have you ever noticed, that even in the best of times life tends to get in the way? Well, that is definitely where I have been lately. Being back in “real” life has been an adjustment, but here we are!

Fortunately, the ideas for jewelry never disappear, even when blog ideas dry up. So welcome back, to us both. You can catch me around Albuquerque this summer and fall. I have taken on fewer small events and trying bigger, new events. This month, it’s my beloved Celtic Festival and at the end of the month, Duke City ComicCon. Later you can catch me at Santa Fe ComicCon, the Pirate Viking Fest, and more. Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned as more events get picked up.

It’s just a quick update today to let you know I am still here and working. There’s lots of new ideas I am working on,including a Bridgerton inspired collection, so please don’t miss them!

I look forward to seeing you here and in person. And, as always, thanks for your support!

Albuquerque Comiccon 2022

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