It’s a weird and wonderful world.

I was born in New Jersey and transplanted to New Mexico when I was 6 years old. This had a huge impact on my personality, going from the crowded East Coast to the vast mesas. I kept my love of the cities, but also enjoy the quiet peace of isolation.

I considered my grandmother a fashion icon as a little girl and fell in love with her large collection of vintage jewelry. It was at this time I also fell in love with reading and the love of words. After my mom passed, I inherited her large collection of vintage jewelry and knew I had to learn how to share these pieces with the world, incorporating my love of books, and that was how Doriest Designs was born.

My favorite pieces to create are chic vintage influenced pieces, but it’s always fun to take something classic and give it a new spin. I have always said I was born at the wrong time and my jewelry creations definitely reflect this.

Enjoy strolling through my designs and having a glimpse into my imagination!