Antique Bronze Dragon Bookmark


Dragon, glow in the dark bead, Swarovski

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  • This bookmark is handcrafted from:
    Antique bronze bookmark,
    Tan Swarovski round,
    Antique bronze chain,
    Glow in the dark glass bead.
  • Bookmark measures 4.92 inches/ 12.5 cm with a 1 inch/2.54 dangle

I really love these bookmarks because they are so different than most bookmarks. You can have your own personal dragon to watch over your pages while you are away. The little dragon peeks his head over the top of your book to hold your spot securely with the pretty beads to catch your eye.

“If the sky could dream, it would dream of dragons.”
Llona Andrews

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Dimensions 12.5 × 2.54 cm


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