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Swarovski Aurora Borealis teardrops

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  • These earrings are handcrafted from:
    Swarovski Aurora Borealis teardrops,
    Sterling silver plated bead caps,
    Sterling silver plated filigree posts.
  • These earrings measure approx. 1 1/2 inches/ 3.81 cm drop

I am a really big fan of the Aurora Borealis line of Swarovski beads. They are really spectacular in the light, casting little rainbows all around. A little bit of history about these beads, Manfred Swarovski found a new technique for coating the surface of crystals that could transform them from shimmering green to blue, violet, and a magical red. Dubbing them Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, Mr. Swarovski shared these new crystals with Christian Dior, who was so taken with them that he embroidered them into the lapels and necks of his evening gowns.

Capture yourself a little bit of the Aurora Borealis when you wear these earrings!

“The sight filled the northern sky; the immensity of it was scarcely conceivable. As if from Heaven itself, great curtains of delicate light hung and trembled.”
Philip Pullman



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