Birdcage Lariat Necklace


Birdcage and bird Y-necklace

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  • This necklace is handcrafted from:
    Antique bronze birdcage,
    Antique bronze tiny swallow,
    Antique bronze chain.
  • Measures 18 inches/45.72cm total. Necklace adjustable 14-16 inches/35-40cm  around the neck.

Lariat necklaces became popular in the 1920s with the flapper style of dress. Women wore shorter hair and longer necklines which enabled them to wear different styles of necklaces. Lariat necklaces were often worn at the back.

This Lariat (or Y-necklace) is a longline delicate, dainty, and elegant lariat and can be paired with other necklaces.

“Some birds are not meant to be caged, that’s all.”
-Stephen King


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