Glass Snowman Earrings


Snowmen and Blue beads

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  • These earrings are handcrafted from:
    Lamp-worked glass snowman beads,
    Light blue Swarovski rounds,
    Sterling silver plated French hook ear wires.
  • Measures approx. 1 inch/ 2.54 cm drop.

It would seem that snowmen have been around for a long time! Historian, Bob Eckstein, author of History of the Snowman, stated that no one knows who invented the very first snowman, however, he feels that the first man of snow was made in medieval times, the medieval Book of Hours from 1380 contains the very first illustration found of a snowman.

Snowmen are quite interesting and bring the interesting side of people out as well. The people of Zurich, Switzerland, love a good snowman , love blowing them up actually! Every single year since 1818, the city celebrates the start of spring by blowing up a snowman,during a holiday known as Sechseläuten. Japan holds the Guinness World Record for the most snowmen built in one hour. 2,036 snowmen were built in sixty minutes  in Akabira, Hokkaido, Japan, on 28 February 2015!

We aren’t going to build over 2,000 snowmen but you can wear these earrings all through the winter, enjoying their cuteness.

“Oh, Frosty the snowman
Was alive as he could be
And the children say he could laugh and play
Just the same as you and me.”

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