Golden Thistle Pendant Necklace


Inspired by Outlander

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  • This necklace is handmade from:
    Golden thistle art glass cabochon charm pendant,*
    silver-plated thistle charm,
    sterling silver-plated ripple chain with lobster clasp.
  • Chain lengths- 18 inches/45.72cm, pendant lengths- 1 inch /2.54cm

The Scottish thistle is a tough little weed that has always bloomed across Scotland’s landscape, but it wasn’t until the 13th century that its place in the country’s history began. One of the best-known thistle legends takes place in the mid 13th century during a surprise invasion by the soldiers of a Norse king. The story has it that after coming ashore, this Viking force planned to creep up on the Scottish Clansmen and Highlanders and overcome them while they slept. Stealth required that they go barefoot and unfortunately for these invaders, one of their soldier’s bare feet came down hard on a Scottish thistle and his cries of shock and pain were enough to wake the sleeping Scots. Leaping to their feet, the clansmen charged into battle and the rest, as they say, is history and yes, the fiery Scots were victorious.)

Legend has it that because of the heroic role the plant played in the outcome of the battle, the thistle was immediately chosen as a national emblem. Now, how much of this is truth no-one knows, but by the 15th century, the Scottish thistle was being used as a national emblem.

Be like the thistle, beautiful and tough, when you wear this pendant!

“The thistle is a prince. Let any man that has an eye for beauty take a view of the whole plant, and where will he see a more expressive grace and symmetry; and where is there a more kingly flower?”
-Henry Ward Beecher

(*Glass cabochon charms are water resistant but not waterproof, make sure you don’t immerse them in water!)


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