Green Celtic Knot Earrings


Celtic Dara Knots and green Swarovski beads

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  • These earrings are handcrafted from:
    Silver-plated Celtic knots,
    Lush green Swarovski bicones,
    Sterling silver plated French ear wires.
  • Approx. 1 1/2 inches/ 38.1 cm drop.

The Celtic Knot has a long, rich history that is traced back to at least the 3rd Century A.D., and perhaps even earlier. The knots are a complete circle with no beginning and no end, symbolizing eternity, and with only one thread running through the design, symbolizing how life and eternity are connected. They also symbolize loyalty, faith, friendship, or love which are really all part of life.

The knot design of this charm is the Dara Knot. This design is often used in a variety of ways but it is meant to symbolize an oak tree’s root system. It symbolizes personal and spiritual strength. It is thought that the Dara knot is a modern knot creation but it is designed with Celtic knot traditions in mind.

When you wear these sparkling green Swarovskis and their Celtic Knots,  you are like the Dara Knot, full of strength and love, following the traditions of your ancestors as you forge new paths. Embrace your power!

“Mura biodh e airson dòchas, bhiodh an cridhe a ’briseadh.”
“Were it not for hope, the heart would break.”
-Scottish Proverb


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