Lavender Thistle Earrings


Outlander inspired



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  • These earrings are handcrafted with:
    lavender Swarovski rounds,
    silver-plated thistle charms,
    sterling silver plated French hook ear wires.
  • Approx. 1 1/2 inch/ 38.1 drop.

I hadn’t really understood why the thistle is special in Scotland until I started to look into history. It’s interesting that a simple little thorny plant is not only the country’s national emblem but also the foundation of Scotland’s ancient order of chivalry known as “The Order of the Thistle.”  There was a war between the Scottish and Vikings of Denmark. When the Vikings attempted to surprise the Scots at night, one of them supposedly placed a barefoot on a thistle, causing him to cry out in pain and alerting the Scots to the Viking presence. A simple plant saved the day. Wear these Guardian Thistle earrings as you venture forth into the world with bravery, courage, and loyalty like the thistle.


“Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.”

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